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Mooshfood supermarket

african/carribean groceries and beauty store

We Make Shopping for African Goods Easy and Convenient

We are dedicated to providing the highest satisfaction, a unique shopping experience, and a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Our Story 

Mooshfood supermarket african/carribean groceries and beauty store in Barrie, Ontario was established in 2015 has a fashion/beauty store. The owner of our company has always wanted to have a grocery business but never got the chance to pursue it.

However, in August 2019, the process to make the dream a reality began when the owner moved to the city of Barrie. The stress of having to go to the other cities, some around 80 kilometers away, to purchase African groceries prompted the long-time desire to come to life.

What We Are Proud Of 

Mooshfood supermarket african/carribean groceries and beauty store is the first African grocery and fashion store in the city of Barrie and its surroundings. Additionally, we don’t only serve the city of Barrie but the whole of Canada.

We are super excited to have you as a family member!

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