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Mooshfood supermarket

african/carribean groceries and beauty store

We Sell a Range of 

African Kitchen Staples

We are dedicated to providing the highest satisfaction, a unique shopping experience, and a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Shop for Your Favorite African Grocery Items From Us 

Buy the ingredients for your tasty meals and family feasts at Mooshfood supermarket african/carribean groceries and beauty store in Barrie, Ontario. We sell:

Frozen Foods

Spices and Seasoning

Grain, Flour, and Dry Food

Drinks and Snacks


Our merchandise includes:

    • Yam Flour
    • Poundo Yam (Ola Ola)
    • Smoked Catfish
    • Indomie
    • Yam
    • Red Palm Oil
    • White Garri
    • Ofada
    • Beans
    • Titus Fish
    • Neat Fufu
    • Ogi/Akamu
    • Yellow Garri
    • And Many more

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